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How To Connect Realtor.com to API Nation
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**PLEASE NOTE**  In order to use the integration with Realtor.com your account must be setup with Connection Plus otherwise you will not be able to connect your account. For more information on signing up for Connection Plus please visit Realtor.com - Connections Plus.



Step 1

Log in to Realtor.com and navigate to the dashboard here: https://dashboard.realtor.com/



Step 2

Click on your Image in the upper right-hand corner > Settings


Step 3

Under Advertising, click Lead Settings


Step 4

Under Connections Plus, click Add Lead Delivery API



Step 5

Under the API source application, select Other application


Step 6

Under the Application URL, add webhooks.apination.com/realtor-com/lead

Step 7

Copy your API Nation API Key


Step 8

Under the API Key, add the API Key from API Nation


Step 9

Under the Application login name, add the API Key from API Nation


Step 10

Click Test connection


Step 11

Go back to the API Nation website and click Test connection


Step 12

Click Finish


Step 13

You will see a new connection

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