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How To Setup The Integration For Mojo to Chime
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The Chime and Mojo Dialer integration will send your leads from a group in Mojo Dialer right into Chime with the click of a button.


  • Qualify leads in Mojo and have them synced with their info into Chime

  • Use Mojo’s 3 line dialer to grow your Chime lead pipeline 3 times faster

  • Save hours and costly errors by cutting your data entry in half




Checkout the video above to see it in action. 


If you'd prefer to read through a guide, here's a step-by-step:


Head to https://my.apination.com/apps/chime/mojo/ to get started. 


There you will see a sync available for Chime and Mojo Dialer: Mojo Contacts into Chime. Click activate to begin set up. 



After clicking Activate on the Sync you’ll be asked to Connect Mojo, click the button, Sign in, and follow the prompts to Allow API Nation to sync information to your account. 



Once Mojo is connected, you can now connect Chime. Click the “Connect Chime Account” button


and follow the prompts to Allow API Nation to sync information to your account.



Once you’ve connected Chime, you can now begin configuring your Sync for launch. 


There are a few options to decide before activating the Sync. Regarding the contacts from Mojo, you must first choose which Group(s) to Sync into Chime. 



Scroll down to Chime options. 

  1. Do not overwrite information in Chime fields. Only add information into blank fields: Check the box to only fill in blank fields, leave the box unchecked to overwrite contacts. 

  2. Assign new lead to selected Agent: Choose which agent will be assigned to lead as it is Synced into Chime


Scroll down and confirm the mapping. The fields available are as follow:


Mojo Dialer Chime


First Name

Last Name

Property Address

Property City

Property State 

Property Zip Code

Primary Email

Primary Phone

Full Name

Middle Name

Additional Emails

Additional Work Phones

Additional Home Phones

Additional Mobile Phones

Additional Other Phones

Priority Note

Additional Notes


First Name

Last Name



Mailing Street Address

Mailing Address State

Mailing Address City

Mailing Address ZIP

Mailing Address Country

Second Email

Second Phone


Buy A House?

Buying Time Frame

Selling Time Frame

First Time Buyer?

House to Sell ?


Lead Type

Has Mortgage?



With Buyer Agent?

With Listing Agent?



Property Street Address

Property Address State

Property Address City

Property Address ZIP

Property Address Country

Is Team Lead?

Send new lead alert email?

Send Welcome Email?


Once you’re satisfied with the options, Scroll to the top and click the big Activate Sync button. 



You can then go back to: https://my.apination.com/apps/chime to set up your choice of the additional Chime Syncs. 


Once you’ve connected your Syncs, they will all be available for management in the “My Syncs” area of API Nation. 


That’s it!


As soon as a contact in the specified group in Mojo is updated or added, the integration will see it and send it over to your Chime


You can now prospect three times faster, grow your Chime database and reduce data entry errors as you manage contacts. 

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