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How to connect to Guesty
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How to add Guesty connection to your Apination account

Follow these steps to connect Guesty to API Nation

  1. From the Apination Apps page, scroll down to find Guesty or search for the app the in search bar. Click on the app tile.

  2. Select the Connections tab.

  3. Select Connect Guesty account.


  4. In a separate tab, Log into the Guesty and navigate to the Guesty marketplaceScroll down to find the API Nation integration page or search for the API Nation the in search bar. Click on the app tile.


  5. When you see the following screen, navigate to the Apination connection page of the Integrations Marketplace in Guesty.

  6. Click the  icon to connect your Guesty account to your Apination account.

  7. Click the icon to copy the API Key to your clipboard. Return to Apination.

  8. Paste the Guesty API Key into the API TOKEN field. In the LABEL field, give the connection a unique identifying name. Click Connect.

    Your Guesty account is now connected!

You can proceed with setting up your integration. To view a list of apps capable of connecting to Guesty click here.

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