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How To Connect Zillow to API Nation
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This article will walk you through connecting your Zillow Premier Agent account to API Nation.


**PLEASE NOTE** If your account is part of a team in Zillow, you will need to go through these steps under the Owner's account.



Step 1

Log in to Zillow Premier Agent


Step 2

Click on your Image in the upper right-hand corner > Settings


Step 3

Under General, click App Integrations 


Step 4

Click Link App under One Way Integrations


Step 5

Under Choose a Partner, select Apination > Next


Step 6

Copy your Apination Connection ID


Step 7

Enter your Apination Connection ID as the Subscriber Identifier and click Save


Step 9

Go back to the Apination website and click I've Completed Setup on Zillow Website


Step 10

You will see a new connection on the Zillow Leads page in Apination

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