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How To Setup The Integration For iCloud Contacts to Google Contacts
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How can I begin syncing iCloud Contacts to Google Contacts?

In this article, we will go step by step on the process of setting up the integration from iCloud Contacts to Google Contacts, lets get started!

1.) If you haven't already, you'll want to access the first page on onboarding here.

2.) From here, you'll want to navigate to the where it says 'iCloud Contacts contacts to Google Contacts people' and click 'Activate':


3.) From here, you will want to confirm that you are not using any other integrations between these two applications (This is to prevent scenarios such as duplicated contacts in either application), once confirmed, you'll want to click on 'Connect Google Contacts account' and enter your desired Google credentials and follow the prompts to allow API Nation to connect to Google Contacts:


4.) From here, you'll want to click 'Connect iCloud Contacts account' (NOTE: You will need to use an 'App Specific' password for your iCloud account, this is NOT your regular password. Instructions on how to obtain this can be found here or you can watch a video tutorial here.)



5.) Once you've connected iCloud Contacts, we are almost ready to begin syncing, but lets review the options you can select:


- Sync All on First Run: This option decides if you'd like to sync all of your contacts from iCloud; if this option is left unchecked, the integration will only sync contacts from iCloud as contacts are created or updated in iCloud; generally speaking we do recommend checking this box if you'd like to receive all of your data, but the choice is yours!


- Select Contact Folder: In this dropdown, you can specify which Google Contacts group you'd like to sync your contacts into, if you do not wish to specify a group, use 'Default'.


- Do not overwrite information in Google Contacts fields. Only add information into blank fields:  With this checkbox, we can specify if we would like data to be overwritten in Google Contacts if we find a match or if we should only populate data into fields with no value.

- Mapping: The mapping of the integration will come with some preset fields that are already linked together, but you are free to map them however you like. 


NOTE: In order for contacts to sync into Google Contacts, they MUST have an email address for our software to allow them to sync, this is allows our software to find existing contacts and prevent duplicates.


With this in mind, please make sure that the email address is mapped in order for your contacts to sync.

Once we have confirmed all of our settings, we can scroll up to the top of the page and click 'Start Sync', once we click this button we will be prompted to enter our payment information for the monthly subscription for this service (NOTE: If you already have a payment method on file, it will default to this payment method):




6.) At this point we are all setup! 

At this point, we will sync contacts from iCloud to Google Contacts as long as there is an email address associated with the lead.

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