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iCloud - App-Specific Password Expiration
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App-Specific Passwords in Apple iCloud Expiration

Are you having trouble with your Integration? It may be due to your App-Specific Password expiring. This password allows API Nation to connect to your iCloud. If your Workflows are returning error logs saying that your App Password has expired, please see below for steps on how to fix this.

iCloud Authorization Error and Solution

If your app password expires it will cause your Workflows to fail. You need to generate a new app password and re-establish the connection.

  1. Visit https://appleid.apple.com to create a new password.

  2. After creating the new password, you will need to perform the Disconnect and Reconnect process with this new Password. Please see this page for a full walk-through of this process.

How many App-Specific Passwords can I have?

You can have up to 25 active app-specific passwords.

Do App-Specific Passwords have a TTL?

Yes, app-specific passwords in Apple iCloud have a Time-to-Live (TTL) or expiration time, which is set to a default value of one year. After one year, the app-specific password will expire, and you will need to generate a new one if you want to continue using the app.

How to generate an App-Specific Password?

  1. Sign in to appleid.apple.com.

  2. In the Sign-In and Security section, select App-Specific Passwords.

  3. Select Generate an app-specific password of select the Add button (+), then follow the steps on your screen.

  4. Enter or paste the app-specific password into the password field of the app.

How to revoke App-Specific Passwords?

  1. Sign in to appleid.apple.com.

  2. In the Sign-In and Security section, select App-Specific Passwords.

  3. Select the Remove button next to a password you want to delete or Revoke All.

After you revoke a password, the app using that password will be signed out of your account until you generate a new password and sign in again.

Any time you change or reset your primary Apple ID password, all of your app-specific passwords are revoked automatically to protect the security of your account. You need to generate new app-specific passwords for any apps that you want to continue using.

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