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How To Setup The Integration For Facebook Lead Ads to Chime
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Chime and Facebook Lead Ads Sync via API Nation



The Chime and Facebook Lead Ads integration will instant Sync any Ad submitted through a Facebook Lead Ad form into Chime. No imports, exports, downloads, copy, paste…none of that. 


  • Every Facebook Lead instantly added to Chime as soon as it is submitted

  • Powerful configuration options to specify tags, source, agents and more

  • Improve speed to lead and make sure none of your Facebook Leads are falling through the cracks. 



Checkout the video above to see it in action. 


If you'd prefer to read through a guide, here's a step-by-step:


Head to https://my.apination.com/apps/chime/facebook/ to get started. 


There you will see the sync available for Chime and Facebook Lead Ads


You can set up this Sync up multiple times (especially useful if you have multiple Facebook Instant Forms) and it is still the same flat rate. Click activate to begin the set up. 



After clicking Activate on the Sync


Step one is to connect your Facebook account. Click the “Connect Facebook Lead Ads account” Button



Sign into your Facebook account with your username and password. Authorize access of the connection to the pages running the ads. 



Great you’ve now connected Facebook. 


Step two is to connect Chime. Click the “Connect Chime account” button


Sign into your Chime account and Authorize access for API Nation. 



Both apps are now connected. You can now begin configuring your Sync for launch. There are a few options to decide before activating the Sync. 


  1. “Select Page”: Choose the Facebook Business page that is running the Lead ad with the Instant Form that you want to Sync. If there is no options available, you can create a business page by following these steps. 

  2. Seller Leadgen Form: Choose the instant form that you want to Sync. If you have not yet created an Instant Form, here is the quick guide to doing that.

  3. Do not overwrite information….: Check this box and any lead that comes in for a contact that already exists in Chime fill just add missing information. Leave the box unchecked and the contact will be overwritten.

  4. Agent Filter: Optional filter, choose to send contacts to a single specified Agent. 



Scroll down and confirm the mapping. 


If there are any additional fields you would like to connect, click the “Plus” icon on the right of the empty field, and select the field from the drop down. 


You can add multiple fields into a single Chime field (e.g. *First Name* *Last Name* into a *Full Name* Chime field). 


You can also add plain text to a field (e.g. add the Text “facebook” in a field called Lead Source, so mark all the leads coming through as from the source “facebook”)



Once you’re satisfied with the options, Scroll to the top and click the big Activate Sync button. 



The Sync will now be activated. From here you can…

  1. Rename the Sync (helpful if you created multiple Syncs with slightly different rules. 

  2. Pause the Sync

  3. Clone the Sync to create a Sync with the exact same connection and configuration, you can then make the slight configuration changes to fit your needs

  4. Click the Chime logo or Facebook logo to be taken to their full menu of Syncs available. 



Once you’ve connected them, they will all be available for management in the “My Syncs” area of API Nation. 


That’s it!


Now every lead that clicks on your Facebook Lead Ad will get added right to your Chime CRM with the exact tags, source, and agent assignment you want. 


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