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How To Setup The Integration For Chime and Google Contacts
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The Chime and Google Contacts integration will synchronize your Contacts between Chime, your smartphone and GMail. The integration has two Syncs available so you can create a complete two way sync between Chime and Google Contacts. 


  • All of your Chime Contacts are available in your smartphone phonebook and  ready for quick, easy access to call or text

  • Updated Contacts names will be accurately displayed through caller ID and texts

  • Keep Chime contacts info in lock step with your Gmail and Smartphone Contacts info. 




Checkout the video above to see it in action. 


If you'd prefer to read through a guide, here's a step-by-step:


Head to https://my.apination.com/apps/chime/google_contacts/ to get started. 


There you will see 2 syncs available for Chime and Google Contacts. 


  1. Chime leads to Google Contacts people

  2. Google Contacts contacts into Chime


You can set up 1 or both of these Syncs for the same flat rate. Click activate to begin set up. 



After clicking Activate on one of the Syncs you’ll be asked to Connect Chime, click the button, Sign in, and follow the prompts to Allow API Nation to sync information to your account. 



and follow the prompts to Allow API Nation to sync information to your account.



Once Chime is connected, you can now connect Google Contacts. First check the box to confirm you are not using any other applications to Sync these two apps, then Click the “Connect Google Contacts Account” button



Choose the Google Account you would like to Sync and then click “Allow” to make the connection. 


Once you’ve connected Google Contacts, you can now begin configuring your Sync for launch. 


There are a few options to decide before activating the Sync. Starting with the “Chime leads to Google Contacts people” sync:


  1. “Sync all Leads on first run”: Check the box to send over all contacts from Chime, leave the box unchecked if you’d only like to start sending over new contacts added from today going forward. 

  2. Source Filter: Optional filter to send over contacts to Google Contacts that have a single specified source (e.g. Facebook, Google, BoldLeads, Zillow)

  3. Group Filter: Optional filter to send over contacts to Google Contacts from a group or number of groups. Be sure to add a comma after each group, and enter the groups exactly as they are in Chime, including capitalization. 

  4. Agent Filter: Optional filter, choose to send contacts assigned to All Agents, or a single specified Agent. 

  5. Tags: Optional filter to send over contacts to Google Contacts from a tag or number of tags. Be sure to add a comma after each tag, and enter the tags exactly as they are in Chime, including capitalization. 



Scroll down to Google Contacts options. 

  1. Select Contact Folder: Choose the Google Contacts label you would like applied to the leads as they are synced into Google Contacts. If you choose “Default” no label will be applied. (NOTE: For the Google Contacts into Chime Sync, the folder you select will be the only contacts Synced into Chime)

  2. Do not overwrite information in Google Contacts fields. Only add information into blank fields: Check the box to only fill in blank fields, leave the box unchecked to overwrite contacts. 



Scroll down and confirm the mapping. The fields available are as follow:



Google Contacts

First Name

Last Name



Mailing Street Address

Mailing Address State

Mailing Address City

Mailing Address ZIP

Mailing Address Country

Second Email

Second Phone


Buy A House?

Buying Time Frame

Selling Time Frame

First Time Buyer?

House to Sell ?


Lead Type

Has Mortgage?



With Buyer Agent?

With Listing Agent?



Property Street Address

Property Address State

Property Address City

Property Address ZIP

Property Address Country

Second Property Street Address

Second Property Address State

Second Property Address City

Second Property Address ZIP

Second Property Address CountryIs 

*Team Lead?

*Send new lead alert email?

*Send Welcome Email?

First Name

Last Name


Mobile Phone






Middle Name


Business Phone

Home Phone

Home Fax Phone

Work Fax Phone

Pager Phone

Main Phone

Google Voice Phone

Other Phone

Unlabeled Phone

Home Email

Work Email

Other Email

Unlabeled Email

Job Title



Date of Birth


*fields only available to sync to, not from. 


Once you’re satisfied with the options, Scroll to the top and click the big Activate Sync button. 



You can then go back to: https://my.apination.com/apps/chime/google_contacts to set up your choice of the remaining Chime and Google Contacts Syncs. 


Once you’ve connected them, they will all be available for management in the “My Syncs” area of API Nation. 


That’s it!


As soon as a contact is updated or added in Chime, the integration will see it and send it over to your Google Contacts. And as soon as you add a Contact to your Google Contacts and Label it with the specified Label, that contact will also be added into Chime. 


Your Caller ID info will always be up to date, your contacts are completely backed up, and you’ll save time managing contacts. 


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