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How to map multiple fields into one data field
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Mapping multiple fields into one data field

In the mapping section, you will see the fields you have the ability to map to. Each has an editable box below it, where you will add the corresponding field, from the other system, that you want to map to it. For many of these fields, you will see the corresponding field already added and mapped. However, you may want to add additional data fields to sync into that single field.

The mapping rules covered in the example will apply to all apps that can sync with API Nation.

The example we use below shows the kvCORE to Google contacts sync, where you will see the Google Contacts fields listed, with the kvCORE fields equivalent in the editable box below. 


To add multiple fields to a single data field select the plus sign to search for a new field. A drop-down menu will appear. Search for the desired field to map and select it to add it to the mapping.



Once selected you should see the field added. This will ensure any data in the Notes or Language field will map to the Notes field in Google contacts.


You can also add static field data to any mappable field. NOTE: Any static data (manually input data) entered in the data field will sync over for every contact. To add static data click within the field and input your desired text.


You are all set! Once this mapping is applied any contacts created or updated after this point will have multiple data fields mapping to a single field.

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