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How to sync Google Contacts labels as tags
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API Nation is currently working on a platform-wide update to allow label groups from Google Contacts to sync over like any other data field.

For the time being, you can create a workflow for each label group and add the name of the label group as a static field to the tags data field you are attempting to map to.

NOTE: In this example, we are using Google Contacts to kvCORE to demonstrate. The same rules will apply to any app receiving data from Google Contacts.


Click on the Google Contacts dropdown menu to select a label group.


Choose a label group to sync. Given that we are attempting to sync this label group over as a tag, select only one label group per workflow.



Once the label group is selected, scroll down the Settings page until you reach the tags data field. Add the name of the label group to the tags data field.



You are all set! From here any contact with the label group (Buyer) will sync over into our other app with a tag of "Buyer" as well.

For any additional label groups you would like to sync over as tags, simply scroll to the top of your workflow settings and select the Clone icon. This will create a draft workflow that you can then edit for your new label group prior to activating. To learn more about cloning workflows click here.



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