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How to use field prioritization
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You can use field prioritization to make sure certain data fields will be synced to your apps in priority of others

NOTE: In this example, we are using field prioritization to ensure a contact with a Mobile, Home, Business, or Unlabeled phone will sync data over to the kvCORE phone field. The prioritization will provide logic for the integration to sync the Mobile phone first if the contact has one. If it does not it will attempt to sync a Home, Other, or Business phone.


The same steps would be followed for any other data field and app connection on API Nation

To prioritize fields follow these steps:


1. Click on your workflow. 


2. Select the Settings Tab. Navigate until you reach a data field you will need to prioritize. In this example, we are using the kvCORE phone field to ensure a contact with a Mobile, Home, Other, or Business Phone will have that phone number synced over to kvCORE. Click the plus sign inside the data field container to add additional fields.


3. Add as many data fields as you woud like.


4. Select the settings wheel located to the right of the data field container. A drop down menu will appear with three options: Phone format, Fields priority, and Data mapping. Select Fields priority. From here you can drag the phone fields to adjust the order of prioritization



Once set there is nothing else you will need to do! Any contacts created or updated after the fields will be prioritized will have this rule applied to their contact information.


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