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Setting up Facebook Lead Ads for kvCORE
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What are Facebook Lead Ads and How Do I Set Them Up?


Welcome to the brave world of Facebook advertising! There are a lot of great options when you’re considering running ads on Facebook, for real estate agents, one of the most effective is the Facebook Lead Ad.


Facebook Lead Ads are a unique option that includes a form (which you also create) that captures information for potential clients.

Here’s how to get started:

1. You need to have a Facebook Business Page in order to set these ads up. Facebook has a great walk through on creating a business page here.

2. Next you can create the Form and Lead Ad here.

3. Finally you’ll want to setup a sync between Facebook and kvCORE so that every response to those ads is instantly added to your kvCORE. Click here to setup your sync.


For the Visual Learners:


The Inside Real Estate Team has created an amazing video with a complete walkthrough creating the Facebook Lead Ad and setting up the Sync to instantly have them added as a Lead in kvCORE.


We have a quick 4 minute walkthrough setting up the Facebook Lead Ads to kvCORE


If you happen to be receiving the error code 103: “CRM access has been revoked from Lead Access Manager” OR if you are only receiving leads the first time you turn on your integration we have an easy adjustment we walk you through here:

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