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Sisu Transaction Type Field Mapping
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Section 1: Overview

In order for the Google Sheets > Sisu Workflow to sync data properly, possible values for Sisu's "Transaction Type" have to be matched to possible Google Sheets values. Our Data Mapping procedure allows you to reconcile these so that your Transactions come over properly.


An example of complete Transaction Type Field Mapping is completed below. Instructions for setting up your own are beneath the example.



Section 2: Possible Google Sheets > Sisu Values

Sisu requires Transactions to possess a "Transaction Type". If a Transaction is submitted with an invalid Transaction Type, it will fail to be created. To prevent this, the Google Sheets > Sisu Workflow must convert values from Google Sheets into Sisu's "language."


There are any number of possible values in Google Sheets that can feed into "Transaction Type." If this number is known to be small and limited to, for example, "Buyer", "Seller", and "Both", then this section can be skipped over. If this number is unknown or is known to be large, care must be taken to ensure that all these values are mapped by following the steps in Section 4.


There are three possible values in Sisu below for "Transaction Type."

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Both


The Workflow has a mapping section dedicated where a user can specify what each possible Google Sheets value can be mapped to. These Google Sheets values are chosen from a list of available columns. In this document, we'll be using "Lead type" as shown below as the "reference value" for Transaction Type.



Section 3: Setting Up Mapping

To begin this process, please ensure that your Workflow has already been created. If not, please see this onboarding document for the full process. Once the Workflow has been created, please follow the following steps.


  1. Scroll down to the "Sisu" section of the Data mapping. Ensure that a value has been filled in for "Transaction Type", such as "Lead Type" or "Deal Type." If no value has been selected, please click on the blank box and type/select your desired mapping value.
  2. Press the Settings button next to "Transaction Type." Select "Data Transpose".
  3. Two empty text boxes will appear on the screen beneath the words, "Data Transpose." Fill in the left box, marked with a Google Sheets icon, with a possible type of Transaction from Google Sheets.
  4. Fill in the right box with the type of Transaction Sisu should create. You will have a choice between "Seller", "Buyer", or "Both".
  5. Repeat this process for ALL POSSIBLE VALUES of Transaction Type in Google Sheets. If a Transaction Type is missing, that type of Transaction will NOT SYNC to Sisu. To denote a Transaction type that is BOTH buyer and seller in Google Sheets, you can type "seller,buyer" as in the screenshot below. This comma separator works for other values as well.
  6. Once all the possible options have been set, you have completed mapping Transaction Types.


Section 4: Ensuring that you have Mapped all Possible Google Sheet Values

In most cases, you should only have several possible field values that will map into Sisu such as "Buyer", "Seller", or "Both". This is simple to map if the instructions in the next section is followed. However, if you have many possible field values that need to be assigned in Sisu from Google Sheets, please follow the following steps.

  1. For your business needs, determine which column in Google Sheets will have the field that will map into Sisu's "Transaction Type."
  2. Once that column has been acquired, select all cells (pressing Ctrl-A or Cmd-A while a single cell is selected). Go to the top of the screen and press "Insert" and then "Pivot Table".
  3. The options should default on "Insert to" to "New sheet". Press "Create".
  4. On the new Pivot Table's settings (right hand side of the screen), go to "Rows" and press "Add". Select the column that you chose in Step 1.
    1. ​​​​​​​
  5. Column A on this sheet should now have a list of all the Transaction Type values that you will need to map in the section below.
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