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This documentation covers how to connect a Google Sheet spreadsheet filled with Contact data to Sisu. Please be aware that for this integration to be set up, you must already have a Google Sheet spreadsheet set up with contact data, as you will be requested to provide the URL to this spreadsheet as a part of this onboarding process. To set up a Google Sheets integration with another CRM, please see our app marketplace.


Once this Workflow has been properly set up, it will run without manual assistance. Data should be sent from Google Sheets to Sisu at regular 10 to 15 minute intervals.

Google Sheets > Sisu

  1. Log into API Nation.

  2. Click on “Apps” at the top of the screen.


  1. Search up “Sisu” in the “Search Apps” box and click on the Sisu tile.


  1. Click on the “Google Sheets” tile on the Sisu app page.


  1. Select “Google Sheets Spreadsheet to Sisu transactions”.


  1. Proceed through our Dynamic onboarding. Select your Google Sheets account that you would like to connect and press “Select”. If you do not have any currently connected Google Sheets accounts, press “Connect” to set up a new account connection.


  1. Repeat Step 6 for Sisu. If you encounter problems on this step, please see the page “Manually Connecting Sisu”.


  1. Before the Workflow setup can be completed, the target Google Sheet spreadsheet must be specified. Please copy and paste the Google Sheets spreadsheet URL into the “Spreadsheet URL” text box.


  1. Select your desired option for Sisu on whether data should be overwritten.



10. Enter an email for Default Agent Email Address in the selected box. The Workflow will send Transactions to this Agent as a last resort if it cannot find a match for that Agent's email between Google Sheets and Sisu.


11. Press “Subscribe” to start the Workflow.



12. You will be re-navigated to the complete but paused Workflow. 


13. Before enabling the Workflow, scroll down to the data mapping section. Our system will automatically match various fields between Google Sheets and Sisu. Please scroll through the list of fields and confirm that the correct fields are mapped to each other.

  1. If any needed fields in Sisu are blank on this section, please use the text box to select the appropriate column from Google Sheets that will populate into that Sisu field.
  2. Special attention should be paid to “Assigned Agent Email” in Sisu. If this field is not matched such that Assigned Agent emails are matched between Google Sheets and Sisu the sync will not work correctly.




14. Special Attention should also be paid to “Transaction Type” in Google Sheets. To set up this field mapping properly, please see this article.


15. Once Mapping is complete and confirmed, please scroll up to the “Filter” section.


16. Your filter can be customized. 

  1. For example, our recommended filter reads as such “Only allow Google Sheet Transactions into Sisu whose Tags contain (case insensitive) the phrase ‘Sisu’.”
  2. The right box is the specified value. Any string can be entered here.
  3. The center box is the logic operator - the Workflow will use this as the “rule” for what is allowed through. This is a dropdown menu with predesignated options for you.
  4. On the left is the field that will act as the “reference field” for the Filter. 
    1. Note: This field references the mapping in step 12. If Sisu “Tags” are set to Google Sheets “Associated Tags”, then this filter will function off of Google Sheet “Associated Tags”.



17. Once all fields are confirmed to be matched and the filter has been set up, the Workflow can be turned on by pressing the button at the top of the screen. Data will begin syncing automatically and continue to sync every 10 minutes thereafter.


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