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Mojo Integration FAQ
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What information can I sync with Mojo integrations?

Mojo Integrations will enable you to sync contacts and various leads, except for Neighborhood and Skip Tracer leads, from Mojo to your favorite CRMs, Contact and Marketing tools.


Why are my Neighborhood Leads and Skip Tracer Leads not syncing?

Neighborhood leads, Skip Tracing Leads and any contacts ran through the Skip Tracer tool can't be synced without your account being approved by Mojo. Please contact Mojo's customer support for additional information at 877-859-6656.


How do I sync leads and contacts already in Mojo prior to setting up this integration?

Mojo integrations enable you to sync all future leads from the time you set up the integration. If you have leads and contacts in Mojo you would like to sync after the integration has been set up please create a new group, add that group to the list of groups you would like to sync and add these contacts to that group. 


What if I want additional information to be synced?

If there is additional information you would like to sync from Mojo please contact Mojo at 877-859-6656 so they can review for future API improvement. 


What do I do if new contacts I created are not syncing over?

Mojo recently updated this API so to help with troubleshooting please record a video and or take screenshot of the contact card inside Mojo of the contact that is not syncing over. Email it to [email protected] and tell us what group it belongs to, how this contact was created and when it was created. We will then troubleshoot this and work on a solution. 


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