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Dotloop - Google Drive Backup vs. Google Sheets
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If you are looking to back up your information from dotloop, we are here to help!


We certainly understand that time is of the essence when looking to back up your data, so we want to make sure you choose the integration that is right for you!


Google Drive Backup vs. Google Sheets


What is the difference between choosing our Google Drive Backup and Google Sheets integration? Let us explain...


Google Drive Backup


Our Google Drive Backup integration is a popular choice for users wanting to back up their files and information from dotloop. This integration not only saves the files from each of your loops but also provides you with three Google Sheets. These Sheets include your Address Book contacts, a list of your Loops, and the Participants in those loops. All of this is available for a flat monthly fee, regardless of your data volume!



Google Sheets


Our Google Sheets integration is ideal for exporting specific data from dotloop. For instance, if you only want to back up your Address Book contacts, this integration is a great choice. You can back up the following items with this integration:


  • Contacts in Address Book
  • Loop Participants
  • Loops
  • Tasks



A key difference between these integrations is the billing structure. Unlike our Google Drive Backup solution, which offers a flat-rate monthly fee regardless of data volume, our Google Sheets integration operate under our Metered Billing Subscriptions. This means your monthly fee is determined by the number of records you sync.


If you think this integration suits your needs, we recommend reading our article Which Subscription is Right for Me for more information.


Alert 🔐: Selecting the Google Sheets integration will not back up the individual files stored within your loops. To back up the actual files from dotloop, please refer to the Google Drive Backup mentioned above.


Still unsure of how to move forward? Our Support Team is eager to help! Please feel free to email us or book a call with one of our specialists.




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