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How to Connect QuickBooks Desktop to API Nation
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This is an article on how to connect QuickBooks Desktop to API Nation.

API Nations follows the same support guidelines as Intuit QuickBooks - free support for Intuit Desktop product releases going back three years.


For screenshots and text, tutorial below:

Log into your API Nation account (Very Important, if you are not logged in, the rest of the instructions will not work).


Go to the Apps tab. Select QuickBooks Desktop or click here


Click on the 'Connections' tab. Click on 'Connect QuickBooks Desktop Account'.






You should now be on the How to Connect QuickBooks Desktop to API Nation page. DO NOT LEAVE THIS PAGE!!!! Leaving this page will require you to restart the entire process.







Download the Apination.qwc file.





On the computer that has QuickBooks Desktop installed, you will need to find the location of the QuickBooks folder. The highlighted section is a common file path. This is the folder that we need to put the Apination.qwc file in. You can see in this example, there are already several Apination.qwc files installed for various connections.




Inside of QuickBooks Desktop, please close any windows except for Home. Go to File → Update Web Services.




Click “Add an Application”.





Find the Apination.qwc we downloaded and moved to the QuickBooks folder.





Click “OK”.





Click “Yes, always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running”. You will receive a confirmation prompt, click “Yes”.





Now you’ll need to copy your password from the guide page.




Paste your password into the empty field and click on the checkbox to the far left. You’ll be prompted to save the password, click yes.




Double check that your checkbox is marked. Notice that the “Last result” status doesn’t say “Done” because this connection has not run yet. Click Update Selected.





Once your Last result says “Done” we can proceed.





Return to the guide page and click “Test connection”.




Congratulations, you have successfully connected QuickBooks Desktop to API Nation.





Troubleshooting: If you have trouble with your connection, be sure to check that your Web Connector version is compatible with your QuickBooks version by reading this documentation:




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