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Shopboss and QuickBooks Online FAQ
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Connecting Your Shop Boss Account to QuickBooks via API Nation

This Shop Boss integration is a huge boon for QuickBooks users! It’s always on, it’s always syncing the two apps, keeping the info in lockstep. As soon as you close a repair order or part sale, or create a payment in Shop Boss,that info is flashed right into your attached QuickBooks account. No copying, no pasting, no data entry errors and hassle. 

And of course, it’s quick and easy to set up:

How to Set It Up

The only way to set up this particular integration is through your Shop Boss account. You will not be able to successfully set up the integration by starting in API Nation, but you absolutely can manage an existing integration from Shop Boss here. 

To Set up:

  1. Log into your Shop Boss account at shopbosspro.com
  2. Navigate to the Accounting section on the left hand side
  3. Click on QuickBooks
  4. Click on Create API Nation Account
  5. Connect QuickBooks Online by Signing in when prompted
  6. Configure settings for the Integration
  7. Click Subscribe and Sync


How Does it Work

This integration syncs payments made in Shop Boss as payments in QuickBooks. When a Repair Order is closed in Shop Boss an identical Invoice is created in QuickBooks with the matching RO number. 



How to Bulk Transfer

There is an option to bulk transfer transactions from Shop Boss to QuickBooks Online. Users will often do this to import batches of previous transactions, or to remedy previous QuickBooks online entries.

Before doing a Bulk Transfer, please watch this video, and also call API Nation to ensure success throughout the process.



That’s it, we’ve now connected your Shop Boss and QuickBooks accounts! All those invoices and payments will create themself from now on. So you can go ahead and tell your nephew, intern, or whoever you tasked with the copying and pasting that they can move on to some more interesting work. Like getting you coffee ☕👍

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