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How to sync Mojo into kvCore
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MOJO Dialer to kvCORE Integration

Stop wasting your time managing data and start 3X your qualified leads to generate more sales! 


The Mojo Dialer and kvCORE integration will automatically push leads from a specified Group from Mojo, into kvCORE.

The leads will come over with standard contact info (name, email, phone numbers etc). 

 It will also send over the call notes for the lead from Mojo to kvCORE. 



Start here by connecting your kvCore account to API Nation.


1.) Insert username + password and click connect kvCORE. It will then direct you to connect your Mojo account.




2.) Proceed to insert MOJO username + password. 

     You can either sync 'ALL' or specific group(s) into kvCore

     Once you click 'Start' you will be redirected into the 'My Syncs' tab. 

     Click the sync 'Mojo People into kvCORE' and check out the configuration area. 



This step is not necessary but it is strongly suggested.  


3.) Adjust the mapping section to connect the 'mobile phone' field in the MOJO section to the 'Cell phone' field in kvCore. 





Now any lead that is in your specified Group in Mojo, that is added, created, or updated, will be automatically synced into kvCORE within 15 minutes. 



Are your leads still not appearing? Click here to submit a ticket and a support representative will assist you as soon as possible. 


Thank you for choosing API Nation !

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