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How To Setup The Integration For Zillow Leads to Chime

**Chime and Zillow Leads Sync via API Nation** **[![][1]][2]** **The Chime and Zillow Leads integration will instant Sync any lead submitted through Zillow into Chime. No imports, exports, downloads, copy, paste…none of that. ** * **Every Zillow lead instantly added to Chime as soon as it is submitted** * **Po…

How To Connect Zillow to API Nation

Zillow, one of the leading real-estate marketing websites, is simple to connect with API Nation. Sync your Zillow leads with other apps through API Nation’s workflows. ## How do I set it up? ### Step 1 Go to [Zillow][1] and hover over Agent Hub in the taskbar. Once the dropdown menu appears, click on Account. ![][…

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