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How to Sync Tags from your CRM into MailChimp

In order to sync additional fields into MailChimp you will need to create a custom field in MailChimp. You can view how to do this here: Once you have created that field you can add your app’s 'Tags' field (in this example we are using kvCORE) to the custom field to ensure any tag added to a contact in the your app w…

How To Setup The Integration For Listings to Leads To Mailchimp

**Listings-To-Leads and Mailchimp Sync via API Nation** **[![][1]][2]** **The Listings-To-Leads and Mailchimp integration will synchronize your Contacts from Listings-To-Leads to your Audiences in Mailchimp. ** * **All of your Listings-To-Leads Contacts are automatically added to your Newsletter Audience in Mailc…

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