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Which Subscription is Right for Me?
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In this guide we will be discussing the various subscription plans available through API Nation and what may factor into your decision-making process.




How do I choose the subscription that is right for me?


Choosing the best subscription can certainly feel overwhelming! Have no fear, we are here to help! When selecting which subscription is best for you we like to first ask clients to think about which is more important to them - syncing your information as quick as possible or how much you are spending each month for the service?


Before getting started, we recommend you first review our guide or video on how records are measured in API Nation so you better understand how this will factor into your decision.



Syncing Information


If syncing your information as quick as possible is the biggest factor in your decision, we would advise you to first review the data that you are looking to bring over to see how many records in total there are. Please keep in mind that certain integrations allow you to further refine which data is brought over by setting up filters with specific criteria they must meet in order to sync.


For example, if you have 6,000 contacts in your CRM that you would like to sync and your goal is to bring over all 6,000 records, we would recommend that you sign up for our 10,000 record plan so that you are able to bring over all contacts during the first month.


However, if you are only bringing over contacts that match a certain criteria and the total number of those contacts is closer to 4,000 records, then you may want to sign up for our 5,000 record plan.





If you want to make sure that you are able to sync your information between systems, but need to do so within a specific budget that is not a problem! As long as time is not of the essence, our users are able to select our base plan which allows you to sync up to 1,000 records for $15 each month.


When your workflow hits the limit of 1,000 records it will change to a status of "Over Limit" and will remain in that status until your next billing cycle when your record counter is reset or until you decide to upgrade allowing more records to sync for the current month.





Upgrading vs. Downgrading


You are able to upgrade or downgrade your subscription with API Nation at any time! No need to wait!




When choosing to upgrade your plan, you will be billed for the difference between the price of your current subscription and the one you are upgrading to. Your subscription will also be updated immediately and your integrations that were currently in an "Over Limit" status will resume syncing for the remainder of the month or until you reach your limit once again.





When choosing to downgrade your plan, unlike upgrading, the changes will not be immediate. Instead, you will continue to be on your subscription until the end of current billing cycle has ended. Once your new billing cycle kicks in, you will be downgraded to the plan you have selected.





How to upgrade / downgrade


  1. Login to www.apination.com



  1. Once logged in, hover over the initials in the upper right-hand corner of the page and select Dashboard



  1. Click Change Plan next to the subscription you are upgrading or downgrading



  1. Select the subscription you would like to upgrade/downgrade to and click Change Plan



  1. Once prompted, click Confirm








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