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Upgrading vs. Downgrading
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You are able to upgrade or downgrade your subscription with API Nation at any time! No need to wait!




When choosing to upgrade your plan, you will be billed for the difference between the price of your current subscription and the one you are upgrading to. Your subscription will also be updated immediately and your integrations that were currently in an "Over Limit" status will resume syncing for the remainder of the month or until you reach your limit once again.





When choosing to downgrade your plan, unlike upgrading, the changes will not be immediate. Instead, you will continue to be on your subscription until the end of current billing cycle has ended. Once your new billing cycle kicks in, you will be downgraded to the plan you have selected.





How to upgrade / downgrade


  1. Login to www.apination.com



  1. Once logged in, hover over the initials in the upper right-hand corner of the page and select Dashboard



  1. Click Change Plan next to the subscription you are upgrading or downgrading



  1. Select the subscription you would like to upgrade/downgrade to and click Change Plan



  1. Once prompted, click Confirm






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