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How to Add Hashtags to Facebook Lead Ads to kvCORE Integration
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ISSUE: How do I add hashtags to my Lead Ads Form?


Hashtags are an important functionality for kvCORE to add leads to your marketing automation and search alerts.


SOLUTION: Follow this guide to create custom fields.



1. To add hashtags to your sync, start by locating your sync. Click My Syncs on the header of the webpage. Select the Facebook Lead Ads into kvCORE sync.





2. Select Settings. Then click on the Mapping dropdown menu box and scroll down the page until you see a Add a Custom Field button.






3. Click Add a Custom Field. This will be the information kvCORE uses to identify and sort leads. To add multiple fields simply click the '+' sign next to the field value. Click Add Field when you have finished.



NOTE: Remember to map your leads to the Note field in kvCORE.




If you are still experiencing issues with setting up your hashtag custom field, please submit a ticket here and an API Nation Support Representative will assist you as soon as possible.

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