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How to Find Your zipForms Credentials
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How can I locate my zipForms credentials to connect to API Nation?



There are cases where a user will have a zipForms account through another service (Example would be California Association of Realtors, AKA 'CAR') where it isn't entirely clear where to locate your credentials.

This documentation should guide you to the correct location to locate the credentials you'll need to connect your zipForms account to API Nation to use our integrations.

NOTE: It is important for the next steps to determine how you will get to your zipForms account, once you are logged into zipForms, the steps below will be relevant.

1.) Once you are logged into zipForms, navigate to the Me section in the upper right hand corner of your screen, then select Profile & Settings.


2.) IMPORTANT: In case it is necessary to reset your password, you'll want to verify that the Email field is populated with an email address that you have access to.

3.) From here, you'll want to select Sign In & Security and you can verify your username and password if you input. You can make sure the password is correct by inputting the same password in all three field after selecting 'Reset Password'.

Note: Verifying that you have the correct password at this point will help you in the long run when connecting. If you receive a message saying 'Invalid Current Password', you will need to reset your zipForms password and check the email address for verification that is referenced in Step 2. You can verify this on the first page of zipForms' website here: https://www.zipformplus.com/

The Take Away

Specifically, the Sign In & Security section of your account when logged into zipForms is where you will locate and verify both your username and password.

If you've taken all of these steps, you should be able to use the zipForms credentials that we located via these instructions for any API Nation product on our platform that uses a zipForms connection. You can find all of our products here: 


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