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How To Disconnect and Reconnect iCloud
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In some cases the connection to iCloud will need to be refreshed. Here are 2 example of such scenarios:

  • A sync using the iCloud connector is not performing as expected
  • You need to replace a connection that has expired


Step 1) Remove the original connection

Login to your API Nation account by clicking here and entering your email and password, or logging in with your Google Account. 


Once logged in, click on Apps at the top of the screen, and the My Apps from the Left hand menu. 



In the My Apps area, click on the iPhone Contacts (iCloud) tile, click on the Connections tab, and then click on the trash can next to your iCloud Account Connection


You will see a pop up asking "Are you sure you want to disconnect....", click the Red DISCONNECT button.


The original connection is now removed. 



Step 2) Create a new connection


On that same page, click the Add Account button





A pop up will appear asking for an Apple ID and a Password. 


Enter your Apple ID


The password that is being requested is not your iCloud password, it's what Apple calls an "App Specific Password". To obtain that password follow these steps:


a. Go to appleid.apple.com and sign in

b. In the Sign-In and Security section, select App-Specific Passwords.

c. Select Generate an app-specific password or select the Add button Blue plus sign icon., then follow the steps on your screen.



c. Select Generate an app-specific password or select the Add button Blue plus sign icon, then follow the steps on your screen. highlight the newly generated password and Copy it. 



Go back to the API Nation window and paste the password into the password field. 



Click the connect button


You will see your new connection under Account on the Connections page


Step 3) Reactivate Sync


Now to go and make sure any Syncs you are running have the new iCloud connection selected. 


Click My Syncs at the top of the screen



Any Syncs you were running using the iCloud connection will not have an Error Status. Click on the Fix Now button



Scroll down to the iPhone Contacts (iCloud) section of the Sync Settings. Click the drop down for Account and select your new Connection.


Scroll back to the top of the Screen and activate your Sync



That's it! Your connection is now refreshed and your iCloud Sync should resume performing as expected. 


If you need any assistance don't hesitate to reach out. Contact Support



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