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KW Command FAQ
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What is API Nation and why should I use them?


API Nation is a web-based productivity tool that can sync your contacts and backup transaction data from one application to another one-way or bi-directionally. Keller Williams has partnered with API Nation to provide a solution for agents/brokers to automate contact syncing with KW Command and across multiple applications. 


How does API Nation pricing work?


Subscription purchases and billing for API Nation integrations are handled within the KW Marketplace. Before you can purchase an API Nation sync subscription, you will first need to make sure you have added a payment method to your KW Marketplace account. Prices may vary between integrations, however, the monthly subscription price will be listed on the integration tiles and the “Buy Now” screen.



How do I cancel my API Nation subscription?


Once you have purchased an API Nation subscription in the KW Marketplace, you can cancel that sync subscription at any time. This process is different from just removing an existing API Nation sync. Removing a workflow does not cancel the integration subscription.  When a sync subscription is canceled, the subscription will remain active until the end of the current month. At the end of the month, API Nation will remove all of the existing syncs related to the system subscription - Cancel an API Nation Subscription



How do I log into my API Nation account once I purchase an integration?


Once you purchase an API Nation subscription in the KW Marketplace, your active subscription can be found under “My Apps” in the KW Marketplace. You must log in to the KW Marketplace and click the subscription tile under My Apps each time you want to view your API Nation account or set up new workflows. By clicking on the subscription tile(s), you will be redirected to your API Nation account. If you receive an error or are not redirected to API Nation, please contact our support team via live chat or submit a ticket here.



Can KW Command Rainmaker account sync with API Nation?


Yes! While not all of the integrations available for solo agents are available for teams/Rainmakers, our first phase of Rainmaker integrations have been released. When purchasing a Team/Rainker integration, be sure to switch your KW Marketplace to the Team/Rainmaker profile and select the appropriate application tile. You can find step-by-step instructions here.



What is the Log used for in API Nation, how can it help someone set up a sync?


The API Nation Sync Logs are used to keep track of when the sync has started, is in progress, or has been completed. Reviewing logs allows agents to see if the data is successfully being transferred over and if not where the sync is breaking down. This information can be given to the support team to quickly identify where a problem is.



Can I sync notes to/from my KW Command account?


The option to sync notes is new as of November 2023. To sync notes into KW Command, you must have a title, as well as, a selection of dynamic or static information for the note itself within the mapping of your workflow. To sync notes from KW Command, please be sure to select the option of “note” in the appropriate field within the workflow’s mapping.



Which apps does API Nation support?


Keller Williams has partnered with API Nation to support the below apps. Click the application below to connect with the KW Marketplace page to start the integration.


Agent Integration Options:

  1. ActiveCampaign

  2. Brivity

  3. BombBomb

  4. BoomTown

  5. Chime (aka Lofty)

  6. Constant Contact

  7. dotloop

  8. Dubb

  9. Facebook

  10. Follow Up Boss

  11. Google Contacts

  12. HighLevel

  13. iCloud Contacts

  14. Lead Connector

  15. LionDesk

  16. Listings to Leads

  17. MailBox Power

  18. MailChimp

  19. Outlook

  20. RealGeeks

  21. Realtor.com

  22. Thanks.io

  23. Zillow Leads


Team/Rainmaker Integration Options:

  1. BombBomb

  2. BoomTown

  3. Chime (aka Lofty)

  4. Constant Contact

  5. Facebook Leads

  6. Follow Up Boss

  7. Google Contacts 

  8. Google Sheets

  9. iCloud Contacts

  10. Mailchimp

  11. Mailbox Power

  12. Mojo Dialer

  13. Realtor.com

  14. Sierra Interactive

  15. Zillow Leads



What information does NOT sync over?


Depending on the integration some information you may not see in the mapping options are:

  • Assignee(s)

  • Additional Emails

  • Additional Phone Numbers

  • Additional Addresses

  • Relationship information

  • Social Profiles

  • Custom fields



Can I use Google Contacts labels as tags into my KW Command account?


Not at this time, but feel free to contact API Nation's support team for potential workarounds. During normal business hours, please reach out to us via live chat or submit a ticket here.



Why can’t I sync more than one address for a client into KW Command?


At this time our integration only allows for a single address to be brought over to the Primary Address field of the contact. You may manually enter in additional addresses once the contact has been created.

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