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KW Command FAQ
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Q: What is API Nation and why should I use them?

A: API Nation is an web-based productivity tool that can sync your contacts and transaction data from one application to another bi-directionally. Keller Williams has partnered with API Nation enabling agents/brokers to automate contact and transaction data are across multiple applications. No longer will agents and brokers need to import/export contacts and transactions manually!


Q: What is the Log used for in API Nation, how can it help someone setting up a sync?

A: The API Nation Sync Logs are used to keep track of when the sync has started, in progress, or completed. Reviewing logs allows agents to see if the data is successfully being transferred over and if not where it is breaking down. This information can be given to the support team to quickly identify where a problem is.



Q: How does API Nation pricing work?

A: These syncs are free for the first year, but that year starts as soon as you purchase the subscription (you must add a credit card to the Marketplace and purchase, but an automatic discount code will be applied to make the product free). If you wait until October 2021 to purchase the subscription, the product will be free until October 2022.



Q: Can KW Command Rainmaker accounts sync with API Nation?

A: Not at this time, but this improvement is being worked on and expected to go live by year end!



Q: Can I sync notes to/from my KW Command account?

A: Not at this time, but you can sync data into the description field.



Q: Can I use Google Contacts labels as tags into my KW Command account?

A: Not at this time, but feel free to contact API Nation's support team for potential workarounds. At the top right of this page, you can submit a ticket or contact us.

Q: Which apps does API Nation support?

A: Keller Williams has partnered with API Nation to support the below apps. Click the application below to connect with the KW Marketplace page to start the integration.


  1. ActiveCampaign
  2. Brivity
  3. BombBomb
  4. BoomTown
  5. Chime
  6. Constant Contact
  7. dotloop
  8. Dubb
  9. Facebook
  10. Follow Up Boss
  11. Google Contacts
  12. HighLevel
  13. iCloud Contacts
  14. Lead Connector
  15. LionDesk
  16. Listings to Leads
  17. MailBox Power
  18. MailChimp
  19. Outlook
  20. RealGeeks
  21. Realtor.com
  22. Thanks.io
  23. Zillow Leads
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