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View Sync Logs in API Nation
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When you sync contacts into Command with API Nation there is a sync log that shows when the sync has started, when the sync is in progress, and when the sync has been completed. 

To view sync logs in API Nation:



1. Log in to https://agent.kw.com with your KW login credentials.

2. Click the KW Marketplace icon, marketplace_icon.pngat the top of the screen.

3. Click My Apps.



4. You will see a list of your active Marketplace subscriptions, click the subscription for which you want to view a sync log within.



5. Click the title of the sync for which you want to view the sync logs.



6. On the next screen, click Logs.



Sync Log




number_1.png From - To -  This is where you can view the sync log from a specific date range.

number_2.png Refresh Logs - You can click this button when the log to refresh it and see if any new events have taken place.

number_3_red.png Time - When the sync event took place.

number_4_red.png Event - What specifically took place during the sync.

number_5_red.png Status - The possible statuses that could be displayed are Ignored, Success, and Failed.

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