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Creating a Real Geeks Connection
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How can I connect Real Geeks to API Nation?


In this article, we will cover how to get your Real Geeks account connected to API Nation to utilize our integrations, lets get started!

1.) First, we will want to navigate the Real Geek's Lead Router Page and sign in, this can be done here: https://leadrouter.realgeeks.com/

2.) Once we we have logged in, we will want to click on 'Configure Destinations; this will take you to the next page where you need to select a site that you want to connect to, in our case, it’s 'www.apination.com'.

(Please note that multiple websites may be visible):

3.) At this point, we will want to navigate to the title named 'API Nation' and then click 'Connect':


4.) From here we have four options we'll want to cover:


a.) Authorization Key: This is the key that will allow you to connect Real Geeks to API Nation, to view how to locate this, follow this documentation.
b.) User: This is the selection for an agent associated with this destination, only leads assigned to this user will be sent to this destination.
c.) Assignment: From here you will be able to specify if leads should wait before being assigned under specific conditions.
d.) Active: With this box checked, it will activate the connection between Real Geeks and API Nation.


After these options have been reviewed and selected, you'll want to click 'Save'. If all was done correctly, we should see a screen similar to below:

From here, you have connected Real Geeks to API Nation, if you're logged into your API Nation account which you obtained your Authorization Key from, after clicking this linkyour screen will look similar to below:

(NOTE: If you are not logged into your API Nation account, you will not see the same results below)

Once you are connected you've connected Real Geeks to your API Nation account, you can go back to our App Directory here to setup any integration now that Real Geeks is connected, you can do this here: https://my.apination.com/apps/realgeek

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