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Removing a Real Geeks Connection
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How can I disconnect Real Geeks from API Nation?


In this article, we will cover how to disconnect your Real Geeks account from API Nation, lets get started!

1.) First, we will want to navigate to the Real Geek's Lead Router Page and sign in, this can be done here: https://leadrouter.realgeeks.com/

2.) Once we we have logged in, we will want to click on 'Configure Destinations; this will take you to the next page where you need to select a site that you want to connect to, in our case, it’s 'www.apination.com'.

(Please note that multiple websites may be visible):



3.) From here, we can do two things to break our connection:

a.) We can click 'Delete', this will completely remove the connection
b.) We can toggle the 'Active' switch to 'Off', this will not completely remove the connection but it will disable it.


If you have disconnected Real Geeks from API Nation, verify it by clicking this link: 




Your screen will look similar to below (No Real Geeks Connection):

(NOTE: If you are not logged into your API Nation account, you will not see the same results below)

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