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1.) Getting Connected To QuickBooks Online
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In this section, we'll cover how to connect QuickBooks Online to Lone Wolf Workspace/API Nation!

Lets get started below:

1.) First, you will want to contact the Lone Wolf Workspace support team to assist in getting the process started:  [email protected]

2.) Once you receive confirmation from Lone Wolf Workspace support team that the integration has been activated, you can proceed to getting connected on the next step.

 - It is highly suggested and advised that you meet with your CPA/Account to understand how to use your QBO/how they use your QBO account as it pertains to how Sales Receipts / Deposits / Checks should be assigned to specific Chart of Accounts.

3.) Hover over the profile menu and click on 'Integrations': 


4.) From here, we will to locate the integration for 'QuickBooks Online' and click on 'View Settings':

5.) Now that we're on the page for QuickBooks Online, we'll want to click on' Setup New Workflows' to get to our configuration settings:

6.) From here we'll be re-routed to API Nation and we'll be asked to 'Connect to QuickBooks', we'll want to click this button to begin connecting QuickBooks Online to API Nation:

7.) From here, we will want to enter our credentials for QuickBooks Online and then click 'Sign In':

8.) After this, we'll want to allow API Nation to connect to your QuickBooks Online account by clicking on 'Connect':

Once this has been done, we should have QuickBooks Online connected to API Nation, in the next section we will review the settings for your integration!

Proceed to the next section here.

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