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iCloud - App-Specific Password Expiration

### **App-Specific Passwords in Apple iCloud Expiration** ### Are you having trouble with your Integration? It may be due to your App- Specific Password expiring. This password allows API Nation to connect to your iCloud. If your Workflows are returning error logs saying that your App Password has expired, please see…

How To Disconnect and Reconnect iCloud

In some cases the connection to iCloud will need to be refreshed. Here are 2 example of such scenarios: * A sync using the iCloud connector is not performing as expected * You need to replace a connection that has expired # Solution: ## Step 1) Remove the original connection Login to your API Nation account by…

How To Connect iCloud To API Nation

**I need to connect my iCloud account to API Nation, how do I go about this?** iCloud has a very specific way of connecting to API Nation, they utilize what is called an 'App Specific Password', we'll go over how to connect this below! Here's how to get started: 1.) You'll want to log into your API Nation account …

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