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Create Several Facebook kvCore Integrations
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I already have one Facebook Lead Ads kvCore workflow, how do I create another?


You may already have an integration setup for your current Lead Gen Form, but what if you'd like to use a separate Lead Gen Form? Luckily with API Nation, you can use as many Lead Gen Forms as you like, you'll just need to establish a workflow for each Lead Gen Form that you would like to use! This is a tutorial will show you how to setup a second (or third or fourth!) workflow so you have have several Lead Gen Forms routing into your kvCore! (If you need assistance establishing an integration for the first time, you can use this documentation as well!)

Here’s how to get started:

1.) You'll want to log into your API Nation account to get started, you can use this link here as a shortcut: https://my.apination.com/

2.) Once you are logged, you can click 'My Syncs' on the header and select on your already existing workflow to expedite this process:


3.) Now that you are within your existing workflow, you are going to want to click on either the 'Facebook' OR the 'kvCore' logos at the top of the screen, either logo you click will take you exactly where you need to be:

4.) Now you should land on the page which will allow you to create another workflow that is different from the one that you currently have, you'll want to click on the 'box' that says 'Activate':

4.) Now you should land on a page that looks like this:

5.) That's about it! You should be able to configure your workflow to handle another Lead Gen Form at this point, if you would like further details on getting this workflow established, you can refer to this documentation here: https://apination.happyfox.com/kb/article/2-facebook-leads-ads-faq/

If you need further assistance, fill out a ticket here.

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