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Reconnecting/Removing an Application
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I need to reconnect/remove my application to/from API Nation, how do I go about this?

There are some cases where API Nation can have a corrupted connection to a specific application, this can often occur via a change of credentials on a specific platform.

There are other cases where you may need to simply remove a connection from API Nation

In these cases you will need to reconnect/remove your application to API Nation, this is a tutorial on how to do so.

Here's how to get started:

1.) You'll want to log into your API Nation account to get started, you can use this link here as a shortcut: https://my.apination.com/

2.) Once you are logged, you can click on your workflow which has the application that needs to be reconnected or removed, in the example below, we will be using a Google Sheets. (In MOST cases, this the re-connection process is the same for all of the applications API Nation connects with):

3.) Once you are in your workflow, you'll see the two logos for your applications at the top of the screen, we're going to want to click on either one to get to the next step:


4.) Now that you've clicked on either of the logos within your workflow, we'll need to select which application has the connection that needs to be removed, you should see a screen similar to below:

5.) Now we are going to click on 'Connections' to remove the 'unwanted connection' from API Nation:

NOTE: If you simply needed to remove a connection, you are all set from here.

6.) Now that the 'bad connection' is removed, we are going to reconnect the application to API Nation:


7.) Now that our application is reconnected, we need to 'save' our connections on our workflow and then start our integration back up:


If you'e followed the steps above, you should be reconnected and syncing properly now, there are a few integrations that we have that require specific setups, but we'll work on adding documentation for these specifically as well!

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