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View Sync Logs in API Nation
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When you sync data with API Nation there is a sync log that shows when the sync has started, when the sync is in progress, and when the sync has been completed. 


NOTE: The integration demonstrated is for Google Contacts to KW Command. The same steps to view logs would apply for ANY integration on API Nation.

To view sync logs in API Nation please follow these steps:

1. Click the title of the sync for which you want to view the sync logs.



2. On the next screen, click Logs.



Sync Log




number_1.png From - To -  This is where you can view the sync log from a specific date range.

number_2.png Refresh Logs - You can click this button when the log to refresh it and see if any new events have taken place.

number_3_red.png Time - When the sync event took place.

number_4_red.png Event - What specifically took place during the sync.

number_5_red.png Status - The possible statuses that could be displayed are Ignored, Success, and Failed.


Each time the workflow executes, the logs will report back a status of Success, Ignored, or Failed. You can click on this status to view what data synced over when the workflow was executed. 

That's all! If you have any questions regarding your workflow logs, submit a ticket with support here.

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