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F.A.Q. about API Nation
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What is API Nation?

API Nation is cloud-based enterprise grade integration software, automating tasks such as synchronizing databases, backing up data, and much more.

You can view a full list of apps that can integrate via API Nation here.



What is an Integration?

An integration is a connection between two apps on API Nation’s platform. The integration will sync data according to the workflow settings.



What is a Workflow?

A workflow is a set of rules/actions that determine how an integration between App A and App B will behave. Workflows can specify which data should sync over allowing users control over the format and functionality of the integration.



What data is required for syncs to work?

Generally speaking most app integrations require the following data in order to be able to sync through API Nation.


For contact based integrations a contact must have at least:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email or Phone


For transaction based integrations:

  • Transaction name and amount

How do Integrations Work?

API Nation’s integrations are designed to sync data in batches so as not to overwhelm any app’s individual servers. Most integrations can only sync up to 50 pieces of unique data each time the integration triggers.


Integrations on API Nation trigger either via a timer or webhook.


If your integration functions on a timer, it will trigger as indicated by the timer setting. You can adjust this to shorten or lengthen the time between each trigger.

If your integration functions on a webhook, it will trigger anytime the integration receives newly created or updated data.


Please note if you are using a webhook-based integration and select sync all on the first run, it will sync up to 50 rows of data every 10 minutes until it has finished processing all past data. After it has processed all data, it will revert to webhook based triggers and only sync data when data is newly created or updated in the respective apps.

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