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Sync Loops into Lonewolf Easily!

This integration offered by API Nation allows you to automatically sync Loops from Dotloop into your Lonewolf Back Office desktop client. Whenever a Loop in Dotloop is closed or updated while Under Contract, our system will sync information. With this, Brokers and Agents alike can save on time spent copying information between both systems. 


What Information is Synced?

The following information in Dotloop is examined:

  1. Street Address (Number, Name), City State Zip Code
  2. Loop Type
  3. Loop Status
  4. Purchase/Sale Price
  5. Agents / Outside Brokers
    1. Type
    2. Email
    3. Phone

It fills out the following information in Lonewolf Back Office. Note that when Transactions arrive in LWBO, they are sent to WOLFtracks Import.

  1. Street Address (Number, Name), City, State, Zip Code
  2. Transaction Classification
  3. Transaction Type
  4. Sell Price
  5. Involved Agents, Brokers, and Referrals and their respective Sides
    1. Type
    2. Phone Number
    3. Email


What do I need to get started / How do I connect the Apps?

If you are interested in using this integration, please prepare the following steps:


  1. Create or Log into your API Nation Account
  2. Connect Dotloop to your Account
  3. Identify your 6-character Lonewolf Client Code and connect Lonewolf to your account.
    • This can be found at the top of your Brokerwolf Window as shown below.
  4. Reach out to us to schedule a set-up call to go over mapping and address any questions you may have!


Schedule a Set Up Call

If you are open to beta-testing this product, please schedule some time with Justin Hua via this calendar link! We will walk you through the onboarding process so that it's as smooth as possible.

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