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How to purchase an API Nation Integration in the KW Marketplace (Solo Agents)
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API Nation and Keller Williams have partnered to provide a solution for syncing contacts between Command and various 3rd party systems. Some integrations allow you to set up a two-way sync which ensures contacts populate in both systems regardless of which system they are entered, while others only allow a one-way sync (ex: Mojo Dialer).


Please note: The integrations are monthly subscriptions managed within the KW Marketplace. Before you can purchase an integration, you must add a credit card to the Marketplace. Any issues with your billing, credit card, cancellation, etc. will need to be handled by the KW Marketplace team. They can be reached directly at [email protected].


There is no limit to the number of workflows/syncs that you can set up once you purchase a subscription for a specific integration.


To purchase an API Nation sync subscription:


  1. Log in to https://agent.kw.com with your KW login credentials.
  2. Click the Marketplace iconicon_marketplace.png, at the top of the page.




  1. In the top right-hand corner, ensure that your personal Marketplace account option has been selected. If your market center or team name shows you need to switch it to your name.



  1.  At the top of the page, click All Products.




  1. You will see filter boxes on the left side of this page. In the Categories box, select API Nation and Command Integrated in the Other Criteria box to see all available API Nation products.



  1. Find and hover over the API Nation integration subscription you want to purchase, then click either View Details or Buy Now.



  1. After clicking Buy Now, you will be redirected to the financial details of the monthly subscription. Click Next or Continue to move forward.

    • If your selected integration offers a free trial, you will see the date that the trial ends and you will be billed. Note: Only select integrations offer a free trial.




  1. Ensure you read over the terms and conditions and privacy policy, then check the box agreeing to those terms, and click Complete Purchase.




  1. Now the subscription is ready to go. Click Set Up Your Sync to get started.
    • By clicking on Set Up Your Sync, you will be redirected to your API Nation account. This creates a single sign on which means you will not have a direct login or password to APINation.com. To access your account, you will always need to log into your KW Marketplace account and click the integration tile under My Apps.


Learn how to set up your integration(s) with API Nation: KW Command Syncs

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